One of “Paradis”, Ltd. specialization – lifts, designed either for the disabled or for goods. The lifts and platforms we offer – quite an attractive alternative to an elevator when there is no possibility to install one. Also, it is more comfortable in case of the purpose – lifting the goods.

“Paradis”, Ltd. has over 10 years of experience in installation and supervision of the lifts, performing qualitative maintenance tasks. Our gathered knowledge allows us to solve any issue by quickly finding the most appropriate solution. We are offering only the highest quality services, corresponding to the regional requirements and valued by well-trusted constructors. We install them and provide maintenance services in our region.

We are not only selling but also projecting and manufacturing lifts and platforms. Respecting individual requirements and orders of our clients, we can make lifts and platforms either for the disabled or for goods. Our experience allows us to offer the most suitable and convenient solutions.

We can offer hydraulic and helical lifts that have lifting force for up to 2000 kg. Lifting platform size is chosen according to the requirements and cargo dimensions. Those kinds of lifts are perfectly combinable with a shelving system as well as they can be installed on the undependable frame or in a shaft. Also, we can make vertical lifts designed for the disabled. Those could be installed in the frame shaft constructed by you or us.

Our long-term experience along with constant perfection allows us quickly and expeditiously to manufacture and install the lift or platform in your building – any purpose it might be. We can assure you – our installed lifts will correspond to all of your expectations.