Lift (platform) is considered a great alternative to an elevator. Especially when there is no possibility to install an elevator or in cases when you plan to lift only cargo goods.

“Paradis, Ltd. provides lifts corresponding to all safety and quality demands in a region. Our provided and installed lifts might be adjusted to lift the disabled and individuals with problematic movement abilities as well as for cargo goods lifting.

Depending on demands, lifts could be installed both ways, in a shaft or using open areas.


“Artico” lifts – premium quality award winning helical lifts. They are installed together with lift shaft. They are fully adjustable to be used inside and outside of the building. “Artico” has only exceptional quality and design items, considered to be one of the benchmarks around the globe. “Artico” lifts are made in Sweden and they are an ideal option willing to have comfortable and safe movement in between building floors or even in your own house.


“Lehner Lifttechnik” – one of the leaders among lift manufacturers for the disabled. For over 25 years, the Austrian company is specializing in a market of selling and making lifting platforms. Mainly, they are used to help the disabled and for individuals having movement problems. Even in the most complicated situations, the manufacturer can offer an engineering solution implementing the platform for easy and comfortable movement using the staircase area.

According to their constructions, lifting platforms could be installed for both conditions, either outside or inside.


“EdmoLift” is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of scissor lift tables, pallet handling products and material handling aids.

EdmoLift has successfully been installing their equipment into companies of all sizes, in all industrial sectors including engineering, manufacturing, packaging, processing, healthcare and research for over 50 years.

This Swedish manufacturer can provide lifting construction of a various ability, lifting cargo from 200 kg up to 10000 kg.


“Hidral“ is a Spanish company with almost 40 years of experience in the industry of elevation and accessibility. From their beginnings, Hidral has become a specialist in the field of hydraulics. Later on, they have extended their services to other sectors, offering traction and VVVF solutions as well. This company manufactures exclusively for lift professionals. These are customers demanding the highest safety and quality.

"Bunse-Aufzüge BKG"

For more than 70 years, “Bunse-Aufzüge BKG“ is the specialist for dumbwaiters and goods lift and one of the leading manufacturers in this sector. Being an exclusive supplier for the lift industry, a huge number of lift companies, from small installation companies to Global Players, trust in their know-how and provided products.

From the middle of the 1990’s until 2013, the company has invested in a constant expansion of the product range on goods lifts with accompanying person, the Certification of the company according to ISO 9001 has been reached. In 2017, “Bunse-Aufzüge BKG“ is one of the first companies in this sector that received the new DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification. Among works – a huge list of a large number of important projects.

"DiGi Project" lifts

The history of “DiGi Project“ began in 2005 and was conceived by the passion and strong motivation to resolve the unexpressed needs of people with mobility problems.

“DiGi Project” has a large experience in lifting disabled people and, thanks to its strong motivation, manufactures innovative solutions for different fields like, swimming pools, vehicle transportation, railway stations, and airports. Our company wants to fill the handicaps and aims at offering solutions to the non-expressed needs of disabled people by means of high quality and first-class technology products that are entirely designed and made in Italy.