Rodyti daugiau

We sell all kinds of spare parts designed for all types of loading technique (forklifts and hand trucks). We always have a wide range of spare parts. Therefore, it allows us to assure an operative spare parts delivery to our clients.

In case if any part is repaired rarely and due to this fact we do not have it in our warehouse, we may deliver the needed part within 24 hours after order.

Why it is worth buying the spare parts from us?

  • We securely store the most popular spare parts in our warehouses: it means, that the most needed spare parts can reach our valued customers much faster.
  • We offer only the spare parts that are exceptionally qualitative.
  • Seeking to assure the comfort and convenience of our provided services, needed parts are sent using courier services.
  • In case it is needed to increase the productivity of heavy work, we can offer additional supplements for the client’s forklifts and hand trucks (prolongations of forks, roll-grabs and etc.)
  • What is more, we sell tires, wheels, batteries and their chargers, gas-balloons designed for forklifts.