Rodyti daugiau

“Paradis”, Ltd. provides qualitative forklifts and hand trucks rental services.

Why it is worth to rent?

It is easy and economical manner to receive the equipment that is needed. We have offices in Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipeda and Riga.

We rent only trusted, high-quality units made by well-known manufacturers. Our rented technique allows to perform tasks fluently and productively.

We provide our services for businesses and natural persons.

We can offer technique for different rental periods (an hour, a day or a month) along with flexible policies.

We are always seeking to assure ultimately convenient rental conditions and beneficial price range.

Wide Range of Items for Rent:

·         3-wheel electric forklifts;

·         4-wheel electric forklifts;

·         Diesel / gas powered forklifts;

·         Diesel / gas powered forklifts with the hydrostatic drive;

·         Hand pallet trucks;

·         Powered stacker trucks;

·         Reach trucks;

In case if it is needed, we can expeditiously deliver the technique to the renter’s indicated location.

We also provide rental services of forklift with an operator. In this case, all the heavy work is managed by us.

All offered items of technique – tidy and corresponding all safety requirements. Constant technique supervision and maintenance are already included in the rental price.

We are flexible and we are always seeking that our clients would be satisfied with our services provided.

Our team of professionals always tries to answer all the questions, satisfy the needs, and to offer an excellent solution corresponding to the specific requirements.