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When the forklift (or hand truck) is already purchased, we can offer you constant maintenance services, elimination of any breakdowns; repair tasks, and prompt spare parts supply. “Paradis”, Ltd. repairs and supervises all models and types (electric, diesel, or gas-powered) forklifts and their units.

Our maintenance team is always ready to respond to calls immediately. In case any spare parts are needed, we can deliver them within 24 hours of an order.

Along with main maintenance, we also provide:

·         Repair work of Assemblies of forklifts;  

·         Grind, polish, and hone tasks of barrels and blocks.

·         Repair of hydraulic distributors, hydro-cylinders and hydro-engines;

·         Perform repair tasks of TGM engines (1D12-400 and 1UD6);

·         Transport machines, technique and vehicles up to 7 t.;

·         Repair of constant electric current engines;

In case of forklift (or hand truck) is being repaired and the work cannot be resumed following the terms, we can offer an alternative spare forklift for a period, while the original unit will be fixed.

We always make sure, that the spare unit would reach the client location as soon, as it is possible, avoiding any delays.

Please choose the closest office to your location:


·         Kaunas office, Draugystės st. 19: 4 service vehicles, 2 goods traffic vehicles, 1 cargo truck (for transportation of forklifts and hand trucks – up to 7 t.);

·         Vilnius office, V. A. Graičiūno st. 32: 3 service vehicles, 1 cargo truck (for transportation of forklifts and hand trucks – up to 7 t.);

·         Klaipėda office, Vilniaus rd., 8: 2 service vehicles.


·         Riga office, Mežapurva iela 21, Rīga, LV-1064: more information over the phone: +371 25440044, or email:

Only the best service for your forklifts and hand trucks, the most useful advice, and the warranty with benefits!