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“CESAB” Forklifts

“CESAB Material Handling Europe“ was established in 2009 and is a part of “Toyota Material Handling Group“. Over 70 years, “CESAB” is a benchmark in the forklifts market, creating modern designs and implementing innovations. “CESAB” provides a different type of loading mechanisms made in Europe. “CESAB” uses “Toyota Production System” certified with “ISO 14001” standard. The system is valued as one of the most innovative all around the globe.  


Our team of professionals in Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda, or Riga is always ready to provide qualitative services corresponding to your needs: fast response in case of a breakdown; qualitative repair of forklifts’ and hand trucks; alternative – spare forklifts; spare parts delivery within 24 hours from order.


Qualitative used and improved forklifts and hand trucks – an excellent solution for frugal business. “Paradis”, Ltd. warehouses are filled with almost unused and improved well-known manufacturers made units (diesel-type, gaseous, electrical options as well as various internal warehouse elements). Those items – examined, improved, and fully prepared for usage, including the warranty of 6-12 months.


“AUSA” industrial vehicles are designed to perform heavy off-road tasks, demanding the technique that has both, increased abilities and mobility. The particularity of the technique – quite wide: from 1.3 to 5 t, from 2 to all wheels drive, having hydrostatic drive, “Kubota” engines, distinguishing with minimal noise level and minimal fuels consumption.

This trusted technique assures that all construction and agricultural, as well as sawmill tasks, would be performed fluently and safely.