Basanavičiaus st. 9A, Vilnius

“Basanavičiaus 9A“ – unique project in an exclusive place of Vilnius – Basanavičius street, surrounded by Reformatai square greenness and calmness. There are two “Orona 3G X37” elevators installed designed to lower the vehicles to the underground parking and one “Orona 3G X10” elevator for individuals.

Gedimino ave. 5, Vilnius

In a heart of Vilnius town, the panoramic shaft has an “Orona 3G X10” unit installed.

Savanorių ave. 178, Vilnius

Brastos st. 26A, Kaunas

Savanorių ave. 120, Kaunas

Maironio st. 21A, Kaunas