“Paradis liftai” is a Lithuanian company running since 2011.

It is a part of “Paradis” Ltd. group, majoring in the market of elevators as well as escalators, ramps, and walkways. It covers all the departments from sales to maintenance and service.

Long-term experience and trusted personnel as well as partnerships, allow the company to have exceptional possibilities, offering an exclusive range of products – making a full package of elevator installation tasks.

We have all the needed certificates and resources that allow us to implement the process of elevator installation expeditiously and fluently. We can do all, from the existing building to a brand new project.

„Paradis liftai“ is a quite strong company in the market of lifting mechanisms. We can offer all the services that must be performed while installing a new lifting device. Without any trouble, we can perform such tasks as projection coordination; shaft’s steel framework installation or shaft’s pane-work tasks; elevator’s installation, and its verification with needed offices.

Our lifting equipment is installed in various locations of a region: high-class office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, scholastic institutions, hospitals, and other objects with high standards and demands.

“Paradis liftai” offers “Orona” lifting systems that are economic and well valued around the globe. This company is leading among other European manufacturers: they make around 18-20 thousand elevators per year. Therefore, it means that 1 of 10 new elevators in our region is made precisely by “Orona”.

Our main goal – to compose all the possibilities that everyone in a region would be able to use the elevators, considered to be the best and most trusted as well as acknowledged around the world.