"Orona" Elevators

“Orona” is one of the best elevator manufacturers around the globe. Their precision guarantees the highest quality: 90 % of elevator’s parts are manufactured in “Orona” factory based in Spain. This company is leading among other European manufacturers: they make around 18-20 thousand elevators per year. Therefore, it means that 1 of 10 new elevators in our region is made precisely by “Orona”!  

Elevator's Maintenance

“Paradis liftai” company provides elevator’s maintenance services.

We arrange all details and sign an agreement with the block of flats houses communities having a legal capacity to take care of the particular elevators. These agreements have a fixed monthly rate for the maintenance that includes all the routine service tasks as well as mandatory checkups.

We constantly reach to provide the best quality services, allowing our customers to enjoy constant and smooth trips with an elevator.

In case of occasional breakdowns or elevator being stuck, our 24/7 working dispatcher office reports the personnel on duty. Our team of professionals act immediately seeking to free the individuals if needed as well as eliminating the cause of a breakdown shortly and qualitatively.

Elevator's Renovation

The renovation of old block of flats type buildings is one of the most relevant topics in a region. During the process of a renovation, it is very important to arrange the elevators as well.

“Orona” elevators are quite easily installed in old buildings shafts. This feature lets to replace an old elevator with a brand new one easily and avoiding major shaft’s adjustments tasks. In this case, existing lift is fully demounted and new item is installed. What is more, we cover the opening using stainless steel reveals. After this transformation, building’s residents can enjoy the elevator that is much more economical, secure, commodious and nicer.